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3-in-1 Folding Grater with Triangle Sharp Blades – Non-Slip Silicone Base – Yellow

3-in-1 Folding Grater with Triangle Sharp Blades – Non-Slip Silicone Base – Yellow

  • Cheese Grater comes with 5-sharp perform all the tasks you need. The included sides are the wavy slicer, coarse shred, medium shred, square shred, regular slice, and ester. You can grate anything you desire to make your favorite dishes. Simply rinse with warm water after each use for optimal longevity.
  • We crafted our cheese grater with real authentic grade 304 stainless steel, the most versatile kind of steel in the industry. This means that naturally, it is also rust-free. You can comfortably use your grater time after time without worry, knowing it will always be safe to come into contact with your food.
  • 3-in-1 grater is perfect for grating everything from chocolate to hard vegetables.Robust construction, locks open securely and rigidly for safe use.3 acid etch blade surfaces; fine, two way and coarse.
  • “Versatile Use With Three Grating Plates, The Classy Touch Folding Grater Offers Fine, Coarse And Two-Way Grating. Use The Fine Blade For Chocolate, Citrus Zest, And Parmesan Cheese. Use The Coarse Blade For Cheese And Hard Vegetables. Or Use The Two-Way Blade For Vegetables Like Cucumbers Or Carrots. “
  • We designed our grater to tailor to your needs. The Classy Touch Cheese Grater’s allows you to comfortably hold the grater while using any side. Many graters use a square handle design, which is uncomfortable to use and hold on certain sides. The handle is designed to fit nicely into the palm of your hand for a firm grip.
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❖ Classy Touch 3 In 1 Folding Grater 

✅ The Classy Touch Cheese Grater Is Perfect For You! We Have Designed Our Cheese Grater To Be A 3-In-1 All Purpose Grater That Has The Capability To Produce Any Size Slice You Desire. Most Graters Only Come With 3 Sides, Which Eliminates The Possibility Of Being Able To Enjoy Many Of Your Favorite Dishes Due To Delicate Size Requirements Of Vegetables And Other Food Required For The Recipe. Our Grater Is Ergonomically Designed Take A Lot Of Room On Your Counter Top Or Kitchen Cabinets. It’S Important To Utilize Quality Kitchen Instruments When Cooking, And That’S Where Classy Touch Wanted To Bring Something New To The Table. Many Graters Have Handles That Can Easily Snap If Too Much Pressure Is Applied At The Wrong Angle, However, The Classy Touch Cheese Grater Features Universal Handle. This Means That Regardless Of The Side You Are Using, Equal Pressure Is Applied To All Sides. The Handle Is Also Very Comfortable To Hold, Fitting Nicely Into The Palm Of Your Hand.
We Didn’t Stop There. We Have Also Included A Convenient Detachable Container That Fits Snug Onto The Bottom Of The Grater. You Can Choose To Use Your Classy Touch Cheese Grater With Or Without The Container. Once Finished, Simply Place The Lid Onto The Container And Store Your Sliced Vegetables Away! The Grater Also Features A Hexagonal Silicone Ring Around The Bottom To Ensure A Firm Grip When In Use. Use With All Your Favorite Food Items Such As Feta, Parmesan Cheese, Ginger, Turmeric, Cucumber, Carrots, Limes, Lemons, Tomatoes, And A Whole Lot More! Having 3 Sides Allows For You To Have The World Of Slicing Power Right At Your Fingertips.
✅ Maintenance Instructions: 
➤ Wavy Side: Slices Wavy And Circular To Oval-Shaped Sizes. Common Examples Include Wavy Sliced Pickles Or Carrots.
➤ Medium Side: Slices Thin Lines. This Side Is Mainly Used For All

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